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NETGEAR READYNAS 526X 6-BAY 6X3TB ENT 2X10GBE                          IN EXT (RN526XE3-100NES)
NETGEAR READYNAS 526X 6-BAY 6X3TB ENT 2X10GBE                          IN EXT (RN526XE3-100NES)
NETGEAR READYNAS 526X 6-BAY 6X3TB ENT 2X10GBE                          IN EXT (RN526XE3-100NES)


SKU: RN526XE3-100NES
Installeret: 18TB
Max diske: 6
Tilslutning: Serial ATA III
Type: Mini tårn
Diskstørrelse: 3.5"
ETA: 23-12-2019

6 Bays with up to 60TB total storage
The high-end, high performance NAS based on Intel® Dual Core Server Processor has built-in dual 10Gig Ethernet ports and is the ideal professional desktop NAS system for small and medium size businesses.

ReadyNAS with its 5 levels of data protection protects your data against human error, catastrophic events and silent data corruption. 5 years warranty and next business day hardware replacement guarantee worry-free IT. And "ReadyCLOUD" personal cloud provides file sharing and sync without boundaries.

Ideal for power users who need large storage capacity for high-end computing, storage and fail-safe data protection.
- High-performance, file-server, backup, disaster recovery (DR) and storage virtualization with up to 110 TB of total storage.
- Up to 60TB of capacity* and up to 110TB capacity with EDA500 expansion chassis.
- High quality metal enclosure design with LCD and 5-point touch buttons.

File Sharing
These days, running a successful business often depends on successful file sharing—application data, virtual images, client files, email, all the digital files that make your business go. With ReadyNAS you finally have an advanced and easy-to use solution for centralizing, securing, and sharing those critical assets. Fasters processors mean more simultaneous users can access unified storage—across PC, Mac and Linux environments. Full Dropbox integration makes it easier than ever to sync your important files, photos or videos across all of your web-connected devices.

Unlimited snapshots give you complete control over the past, present, and future of your data. This enterprise-class feature copies any point of time in the file system, can be manually or automatically scheduled, and can restore any version with a simple click. Other data protection innovations for disk-based storage like Real Time Anti-Virus and Encryption bring new confidence to the integrity of your data and back-ups.

Disaster Recovery
The custom-built ReadyNAS OS protects stored data with automatic RAID configuration, the continuous security of Unlimited Snapshots, and easy to manage Cloud Replication. By maintaining multiple copies of vital data through cloud replication, it makes it easy for you to move data off-site to protect against natural disasters and theft.

With Unlimited Snapshots, thin provisioning, and improved iSCSI support, ReadyNAS delivers a virtualization platform with next generation features at an affordable price.

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